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   2023 Shots/Baths/Medications & ASST Info Requirements

  • SHOTS:   

  • **All Pets are required to prove that they are current on all their inoculations.  We advise all clients to check with their pets Vet to be assured they are covered for any new problems or current outbreaks that pets may need in addition to their regular inoculations.  **We ask that all shots be given a Minimum of Seven days prior to entry.

  • DOGS:

  • DHL Combos: Distemper/Hepatitis/Leptospirosis

  • Bordetella: Canine Cough

  • Parvo + Corona

  • Rabies

  • CATS:

  • Feline Leukemia (FeLV)


  • Rabies

*** We love puppies and kittens, but we won’t admit them before they are 16 weeks of age and have completed their shots & worming’s.

***We require that all pets be on a Heartworm Preventative. We highly recommend that all pets be on a  Flea Preventative.

  • BATHS:

  • ** All dogs are required to be bathed by Hi/Lo before entering our boarding facility.  **If they are unable to be bathed, for any reason, they will be given a Capstar(which will be supplied by Hi/Lo) by the pets’ owner, prior to the owner leaving our property.  


  • IF you ask for us to administer any medication while your pets’ visiting with us, we require that the medicine be clearly labeled and how & when to administer the medication.  We do not give shots.

  • FOOD:

  • You are welcome to bring your pets’ own food. We will be happy to prepare your pets’ meals provided the food & amount they are to be fed are clearly labeled and packaged.  Please do not bring your 20lb. container that you keep your food in at home.  


  • You are welcome to bring your pets bedding, AS LONG AS THE ITEM CAN FIT IN OUR WASHING MACHINE.    All bedding must be clearly labeled. We will do our best to return it to you clean.

  • TOYS:

  • WE do not Allow RAWHIDE in Hi/Lo Kennels.  If we feel that a toy could be dangerous, it will be removed from their area.

**We do not accept females that are in season or due in season to be boarded with us, Unless prior arrangements  have been made before your reservation dates.

**We require  that we be provided with an Emergency Contact so that we could contact you if needed, or make  suitable arrangements with a person who us familiar  with your pet.

**We require a current Credit Card in order to hold & confirm your reservation.


                                             We welcome your calls or e-mails to check up on your pets.


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                                                           Contact us by phone at: (864)967-4822

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