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Please use the following form for your Reservation requests.

Copy the form below, 

Once that email opens, then paste the form & fill in the blanks.

You can then send it to Hi/Lo Kennel for approval by using the following email address -

This info will enable us to determine availability for the dates you have requested. This is not a confirmed Reservation, until you have gotten a response from Hi/Lo.

**********  Please read our Requirements before filling this out this form.


Questions for New Boarders.....


Check In date>>>>>                                                  


Check out date >>>                     


How many pets>>>                                 





Has your pet ever bitten anyone for any reason?            Yes                     No        


Is your pet Dog Aggressive?                   Yes                     No 


Is your pet Food Aggressive?                  Yes                     No


Is your dog an Escape Artist?                  Yes                     No                      


Is your pet scared of Loud noises?               Storms               Fireworks           while Boarding


If your answer is yes, please tell us how you comfort your pet

Is your pet on a flea preventative?            Collar             Oral              Topical


Best phone number for contacting you

Best e-mail address for contacting you    


************  Your booking will NOT be confirmed until we contact you about availability.

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